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May 2
Old Campus


Welcome to the biggest Spring Fling ever.

After a two year hiatus, Connecticut's largest music festival will return to Old Campus on May 2nd, 2022 on the first Monday of reading week. This event is open to all members of the Yale community, including graduate and professional school students.

Festival wristbands will be required for entrance, even for residents of Old Campus. Wristbands will be available for pick up at various locations the week leading up to the festival.   

As the largest student event on campus, Spring Fling committee is committed to providing a safe, fun concert for all members of the Yale Undergraduate community. Spring Fling will feature a number of artists selected by the committee as well as a number of student acts. For more information about student openers, check out our Battle of the Bands page!

Wristband Pick Up

Wristbands will be available to pick up at the following times and locations. Both Yale ID and proof of full vaccination with a booster will be required at the time of wristband pick up. You will not be able to enter the festival without a wristband. THERE IS NO DAY OF WRISTBANDING UNLESS YOU HAVE RECEIVED PRIOR CLEARANCE FROM A SPRING FLING MEMBER. 

Thursday April 28


Friday April 29


Saturday April 30


Sunday May 1




Branford Common Room

LC 102

Davies Auditorium

53 Wall Street Auditorium

Bass Cafe

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